Food & Wine



Minestrone (V)

A home-made vegetable, San Marzano tomato and mixed bean soup served with fresh bread

Gamberoni Diavola (GF)

King prawns sautéed with white wine, garlic, cherry tomatoes and fresh chilli served with toasted bread 

Crostini Misti (V)

Toasted Italian breads individually topped with sautéed mixed mushrooms, roasted mixed peppers, chopped cherry tomatoes, red onion, fresh basil, garlic, olive oil and a piquant balsamic dressing

Parfait di Pollo

Home-made chicken liver parfait with an apple and thyme chutney served with toasted bread

Bruschetta Rustica (V)

Firm Italian bread with chopped cherry tomatoes, red onion, fresh basil, garlic and olive oil with a balsamic dressing

Carpaccio con Tartufo (GF)

A carpaccio of beef served with fresh rocket, shaved Grana Padano and a drizzle of white truffle oil 

Capesante con Pancetta (GF)

Seared Scottish king scallops wrapped in pancetta and served with a slow roast tomato and chilli dressing

Mozzarella Fritta (V)

Crisp-fried breaded buffalo mozzarella served with a light tomato sauce

Antipasto Misto (GF)

A fine selection of Italian cured meats, marinated and grilled Mediterranean vegetables, buffalo mozzarella, olives and caperberries served with fresh bread
£8.95 per person

Cozze alla Marinara

Fresh Shetland mussels steamed in white wine, chilli, parsley, garlic, olive oil and San Marzano tomatoes served with fresh bread

Pizzetta con Funghi e Gorgonzola

A hand-stretched and stone-baked pizza bread topped with our home-made San Marzano tomato sauce, sautéed woodland mushrooms, roasted garlic and Gorgonzola DOP from Lombardy

Focacce e pane

Our focaccias are seasoned pizza breads, ideal for sharing or as a starter

Focaccia Rosmarino (V)

A seasoned stone baked bread with fresh rosemary and sea salt

Focaccia Siciliana (V)

Fresh cherry tomatoes, rocket, shaved Grana Padano and fresh basil with olive oil 

Focaccia Calabrese (V)

Caramelised red onion, ricotta cheese and baby spinach

Focaccia Lucca

Mozzarella, red onion, diced pancetta and sliced potato

Focaccia di Parma

Parma ham, rocket and shaved Grana Padano

Focaccia Veronese

Prosciutto cotto, mozzarella, sautéed woodland mushrooms and fresh cherry tomatoes topped with rocket 

Scarpetta al Ragu

A bowl of our home-made beef shin ragu, slow cooked for 12 hours in red wine with onions, garlic and fresh thyme served with our stone-baked pizza bread


Our pasta dishes are all prepared with the freshest ingredients and are all cooked “al dente"

Pennette con Pomodorini (GF) (V)

Small penne style pasta with sweet cherry tomatoes in our home-made rich San Marzano tomato and basil sauce  

Tagliolini modena (GF)

Long flat egg pasta served with pancetta, sautéed woodland mushrooms, sun dried tomatoes and pine nuts in a piquant olive oil balsamic vinegar reduction 

Linguine alle Vongole (GF)

Fresh clams steamed in white wine, olive oil, parsley and garlic with fresh red chilli on linguine We only serve clams when they are in season. Please ask your server for availability

Linguine ai Frutti di Mare (GF)

Mixed seasonal fish and shellfish with olive oil, garlic and parsley in your choice of a rich tomato or bianco sauce

Rigatoni con Salsiccia

Crumbled spicy Italian sausage and ricotta cheese in a rich tomato and chilli sauce with shaved Grana Padano

Tagliolini Trastevere

Thyme roasted chicken with pancetta, sautéed woodland mushrooms, sweet cherry tomatoes, fresh basil and garlic in our home-made rich San Marzano tomato sauce 

Tagliolini con Chorizo

Tagliolini with spicy chorizo stirred through a creamy carbonara sauce

Linguine con Polpettine

Small pork and beef meatballs in our home-made rich San Marzano tomato sauce served with linguine

Risotto gamberi e salmone

Arborio risotto rice with king prawns and Scottish smoked salmon finished off with lemon and mascarpone

Tagliolini al Ragu

Long flat fresh egg pasta served with our home-made beef ragu, slow cooked for 12 hours in red wine, onions, garlic and fresh thyme

Tortelloni con Ricotta e Basilico (V)

Parcels of tomato pasta filled with ricotta cheese and fresh basil sautéed in butter and topped with pine nuts

Tortelloni con Funghi e Panna

Parcels of egg pasta stuffed with sautéed woodland mushrooms served with a Grana Padano cream


Our pizzas are freshly made to order by our “pizzaiolo”. We use Sanmarzano tomatoes and "fior di latte mozzarella".

Margherita (V)

Our home-made San Marzano tomato sauce with melted mozzarella and fresh basil


Our Margherita pizza paired with fresh basil, black olives, capers, anchovies and roasted garlic butter makes this the classic Neapolitan pizza

San Daniele

Our Margherita pizza with sweet cherry tomatoes, stone-baked and topped with Parma ham, fresh rocket and shaved Grana Padano

Pollo e Funghi

Our San Marzano tomato sauce with melted mozzarella, thyme roasted chicken with sautéed woodland mushrooms and mascarpone

Quattro Stagioni

Our Margherita pizza with crumbled spicy Italian sausage, sautéed woodland mushrooms, artichoke hearts and roasted red peppers

Salamino Piccante

Our Margherita pizza with salamino piccante and red onion, stone-baked and topped with fresh rocket

Verdi (V)

Our San Marzano tomato sauce with melted mozzarella and ricotta cheese, stone-baked and topped with baby spinach, fresh peppery rocket with a splash of roasted garlic and chilli oil


Salamino piccante, mascarpone, sweet Roquito chilli peppers and sautéed woodland mushrooms, stone-baked and topped with fresh rocket

Calzone Classico

Prosciutto cotto, sautéed woodland mushrooms and mozzarella

Gluten free pizza bases are available - Supplement £2 (GF)

Please ask a member of staff for the full Gluten free menu

Calzone Vegetariano (V)

Marinated and Roasted Mediterranean vegetables and ricotta cheese

Pollo e ‘Nduja

Chargrilled chicken breast and crumbled spicy ‘Nduja sausage paste with roasted mixed peppers and red onion 

Salami Ventricina

A white pizza with spicy salami Ventricina and Gorgonzola DOP, caramelised red onion, roasted red peppers and mascarpone

Verdure Miste (V)

Our Margherita pizza topped with marinated and roasted Mediterranean vegetables, artichoke hearts and black olives

Salmone e Gamberoni

A white pizza with Scottish oak smoked salmon and king prawns, roasted garlic butter and mascarpone, stone-baked and topped with fresh rocket 

Piatti di Pesce


Cozze alla Marinara (GF)

Fresh Shetland mussels steamed in white wine, chilli, parsley, garlic, olive oil and San Marzano tomatoes served with chips and fresh bread

Merluzzo con Peperonata (GF)

Roasted fillet of North Atlantic cod served with a classic Sicilian peperonata of slow cooked onions, red peppers and plum tomatoes scented with fresh basil and olive oil on creamy mash

Branzino al Forno

Fillets of sea bass baked with chives and orange zest served with Arborio risotto rice and drizzled with fresh basil oil

Gamberoni alla Siciliana

King prawns sautéed with lemon, garlic, fresh chilli and white wine served with Arborio risotto rice

Capesante con Tagliolini

Succulent king scallops sautéed in white wine, garlic, fresh chilli and sweet cherry tomatoes served on a bed of tagliolini

Orata in Insalata Mista

A seared fillet of sea bream marinated in sweet smoked paprika and served on a salad of seasonal leaves, marinated and grilled vegetables, artichoke hearts and slow roasted tomatoes served with a fresh tarragon and mint yoghurt dressing


Steaks from the grill. Served with your choice of hand cut chips or Rosemary Sauteed Potatoes

Bistecca alla Griglia

255g Scottish ribeye steak

Steak Sauces

Red Wine Jus
Brandy & black peppercorn
Gorgonzola & mushroom


227g prime Scottish fillet


255g Scottish sirloin steak

Taglia di Manzo

Sliced prime Scottish sirloin steak, grilled and served warm with peppery rocket, red onion and fresh cherry tomatoes dressed with olive oil and lemon and shaved Grana Padano




Chargrilled chicken breast served with hearts of crisp Romaine lettuce and rustic garlic croutons tossed in a traditional Caesar dressing with marinated anchovies and shaved Grana Padano



Scamone d’Agnello alla Romana

Rump of lamb cooked pink, sprinkled with a mustard, rosemary and thyme crust, served with sautéed rosemary potatoes, peas with onion and pancetta and a rich red wine sauce

Petto d’Anatra all’ Amarone

Pan seared Barbary duck breast, served pink with a braised savoy cabbage and pancetta parcel, sautéed rosemary potatoes and a rich red wine sauce with confit of figs

Pollo Funghi e Pancetta

A roasted supreme of chicken served with sautéed rosemary potatoes and seasonal vegetables with a sautéed woodland mushroom, pancetta and basil-cream sauce


A lightly breaded pan-fried escalop of veal served with linguine in a rich San Marzano tomato and basil sauce

Scaloppine al Marsala

Escalopes of veal sautéed in butter and cracked black pepper served with rosemary sautéed potatoes, seasonal vegetables and a woodland mushroom and Marsala cream sauce



Marinated Olives & Fresh Bread

Assorted marinated olives and fresh bread

Home-Made Garlic Bread

Amarone’s garlic bread

Hand-cut Potato Chips (GF)

Hand-cut potato chips

Sautéed Rosemary Potatoes

Seasoned potatos sautéed with rosemary

Creamy Mash

Creamy Mash


Sauteed peas and pancetta ham with onion

Seasonal Leaves with Italian Vinaigrette (GF)

Mixed seasonal leaves with Italian vinaigrette

Rocket and Shaved Grana Padano

Fresh rocket and shaved Grana Padano